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Meet the Artist

Winter Cardinal with Oak Frame

I've been working with stained glass for over 25 years. Starting out as a hobby, it soon became an endeavor to make beautiful things!


One of my goals is to work with my clients to bring their vision to life. Color, texture, placement and style all play a part in this.


Although I mainly work with copper foil, I can also do repairs with lead came.

$100 per square foot for windows
$3.00 per piece for smaller projects


Both depend on the pattern and intricacy of the project.  2 to 8 weeks delivery time needed, depending on size of project and backlog at time of order. Standard shipping rates.

Payable by Credit Card payment through: Venmo/PayPal


Wood framing is available for your window hanging, depending on the  size of the completed work $75 - $150 extra.

Located in southern Alabama, you can email me or Call 920-256-2101 for an estimate.


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