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Items for Sale

This area will change as time goes on.  For now there are a couple of things listed and hopefully I'll build up more stock before spring planting starts. 

If you see anything you'd like, and would like more information, or have an idea of something you'd like to have made, please email me at:

You can also use the submittal form on the contact page. 

Wisconsin Quilt Square

12" x 12" square.  Glass is all clears and textures. Zinc channel surrounds it to keep it strong.   Price $125


Nautilus Shell

This beauty is made with an iridescent tan glass. The solder has copper patina on it.   Price $40  

If someone likes it but thinks it would be better with a background - that can be arranged.  An option I have done before is adding a "water" blue around the shell, with a darker blue/bevel frame surrounding it all.    Drop me a line and let's see what we can do!


Flower Suncatchers

Currently I have 2 of these. The orangy-yellow one and a daisy.  The Daisy that is available has a touch of iridescence on the a couple of the white petals.  Same gorgeous gold center.    These are $20 each.

If you like the patterns, and would like to see one in different colors, I'd like to hear your idea.  The possibilities are endless!

Flower Suncatchers.jpg
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